Cat & Kitten Adoption in Nottingham Made Easy!

Looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home? At our Cat Rescue in Nottingham, we have a diverse range of cats waiting to find their forever homes. If you're ready to adopt a cat in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire, we're here to help you make that perfect match.

Why Choose Our Cat Rescue in Nottingham?

  • Diverse Selection: These are just some of our cats! Contact us (below) and we'll find the perfect kitty for you.
  • Tailored Matches: We ask potential adopters to reach out for personalised assistance in finding the ideal cat for their home.
  • Thorough Evaluation: Our furry residents come with unique temperaments. Rest assured, they've been tested with children, other cats, and animals whenever possible.
  • Home Checks: To ensure a safe and loving environment, all potential adopters will undergo home checks.
  • Coat Colour/Pattern Preferences: We kindly request adopters refrain from requesting cats or kittens with different coat colours/patterns than the ones listed on the website.


  • Will not go to their new homes until they are 10 weeks old.
  • Are adopted in pairs unless you already have a kitty who will take them under their “paw” (wing)

  • Remember cats can live for 15 years or more and a kitty is furever - not just for a couple of years!

    Adoption £110 for one cat (£200 For 2) this includes Neuter & Microchip and Flea & Worm Treatment.

    At our Cat Rescue, every feline has a unique story, and we're dedicated to helping them find their forever homes. Adopt a cat or kitten in Nottingham with us, and let the purr-fect companionship begin!

    Mr Mistoffelees

    Under assessment Just arrived - pending assesment by the vet. Photos pending.

    Hagrid and Nancy

    Available for Adoption

    These are two 8 year old boys who are bonded and are looking to be homed together as they’re like an old married couple. Fostered in NG9


    Ideal as an only cat

    Bubbles is a beautiful Bengal cross, is fealess and affectionate, prefering the company of humans to other animals .

    Ruby's Kittens

    Available Mid January

    Born 23rd October 2023 let us introduce you to Chinnie(reserved), Yorkie, Skelly (reserved), Rolo (adopted) and Tippy.


    Available for adoption

    Comet was born Jan 12th 2022 and had a bit of a rough start in life, suffering stress and anxiety that caused health issues. Now foatered in NG12, he’s a different, happy kitty.



    Fostered in NG5, Valanino was found in a car park in St Anns, completely feral, but has turned into the most loving kitty imaginable

    Gypsy and Jinx

    Bonded Pair

    Can you give a home to this lovely couple, Gypsy and Jinx, curretly being fostered in NG8?

    Bengal Cross


    These Bengal Cross kittens, Twiglet (adopted), Amalita (adopted) and Tobias (reserved) were surrendered at 10 week old and, as of the beginning of January 2024, are just over 4 months old.



    Say hello to Magdalene Moon (Maggie for short) fostered in NG6. She is a two and a half year old (as of November 2023) tuxedo cat who is a sassy little madam.


    We think Magpie is about 2 and was spotted with her 5 kittens, all of whom have now been rehomed.



    When Daisy was first rescued, with her young mother Mischief, she was in a bit of a sorry state, but she’s bounced back well and is now at 100%.



    Luna IS The Cat from Outer Space, away in her own little world. She doesn’t meow, and likes nothing more than watching the sky, presumably for the mother ship, which she’s done for her entire 2 years.

    Contact Us

    Thanks for your interest in Robin Hood Cats Rescue. Just so you are aware we are a voluntary lead organization with no paid staff. We will aim to get in touch with you as soon we can but please be aware that we are all volunteers and often very busy!