Bengal Cross


These Bengal Cross kittens, Twiglet (adopted), Amalita (adopted) and Tobias (reserved) were surrendered at 10 week old and, as of the beginning of January 2024, are just over 4 months old.

They all all in foster together in NG5 and available for visits.

Bengals share certain common traits: they are hyperactive - getting into everything, with a strong instinct to hunt and play, they can be very vocal, with a wide variety of mieows, chirps and calls. You can have a full on conversation with your Bengal. If you train them to expect food at 0700, they’re going to remind you at 0650!

Curiosity- A Bengal wants to explore. They will be up in your biz at every opportunity, investigating all the time.

Intelligent - The Asian leopard cat, the progenitor of the Bengal, is whip smart, so expect your Bengal to have trained you within a week! They can be taught to fetch, to walk on a harness and work out how to open doors.

Bengals are above all, social - due to their high intelligence they have far greater social needs than your regular moggy. Bengals need companionship. Most importantly, they need you. One of the best things about a Bengal cat is the strong bond you can form with them.

Because of their intelligence and intense need to be sociable and active, they do not do well if left alone and will be distressed by this, so they wouldn’t suit a single cat household, or someone who’s out at work all day.

There are two boys, the classic brown tabby Twiglet and the silver tabby Tobias, and the boss of the pack, the tortie Amalita, which means industrious, and BOY does she have to work to keep the boys in check!

She gets to eat first and is more imperious and aloof than her boisterous brothers, but no less loving when she feels the need.

Twiglet is a little slower to trust, eyeing you up and getting the measure of you before he’ll approach, but once he knows you’re OK, he’s no less loving than his siblings.

Tobias is a loon! Loving, affectionate, even needy at times, and the baby of the bunch.

Could you give one or more a home? Would you like to come and meet them? Fill in the contact form below and we’ll arrange it. Bengals are a special breed and your life will never be the same again!

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