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Are you looking to adopt an adult cat or kitten?  At Robin Hood Cat Rescue, we specialise in finding forever homes for adult cats and kittens. Our diverse selection of cats are eagerly awaiting a chance to be a part of your family. Explore our Adoption page which highlights some of the cats looking for homes.

Adopt a Cat in Nottingham with Robin Hood Cats Rescue

Our adoption process is designed to look for the perfect match for both you and our furry friends. You might want to have a think about what sort of cat will match the hoomans and any other pets in your family and send us that information in your e-mail / contact.

  • What age cat?
  • Male or female?
  • Personality / temperament?
  • Indoor only cat?
  • OK with younger children?
  • Suited to an older hooman?
  • OK with a cat friendly dog?
  • A cat to suit someone who is differently abled or who has a disability?
  • A cat with special needs?

  • KITTENS are rehomed in pairs unless you already have other cats who will welcome in a young kitten and take them under their “paw” to help them in their learning & growing.

    Get in touch with us via email at robinhoodcats@gmail.com or by using our contact form. To make sure we find a suitable match for you, we like to chat with any prospective adopter about what kind of cat they are looking for. Please note, all prospective adopters will be required to fill in an application form.

    Why Choose Robin Hood Cats Rescue?

    Located in the Sherwood area of Nottingham, we operate as a small cat and kitten rescue organisation. While our base is in Sherwood, most of our cats thrive in home-based foster care throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Our rescue is managed by Jo who coordinates a team of amazing volunteers based all over the city and county. Jo and the team work tirelessly to provide a safe and caring environment for these cats and kittens.

    Expert Advice for Cat Parents

    Whether you're a first-time cat parent or an experienced one, we offer expert advice on cat care, including guidance on food, toileting, and ensuring your cat's happiness. If you're concerned about stray cats in your area, we can also provide helpful tips on how to handle the situation.

    How to Adopt a Cat from Robin Hood Cats Rescue

    1. Explore our Adoption page

    2. Contact us via email at robinhoodcats@gmail.com or by using our contact form

    3. Discuss your preferences with our team to find the perfect match

    4. Fill in our straightforward Application Form (which will be sent to you)

    At Robin Hood Cats Rescue, we believe in making the adoption process as smooth as possible. Adopt a cat in Nottingham today and experience the joy of welcoming a new furry friend into your home. MEOW from Robin Hood Cats Rescue – where every cat finds its arrow to a loving home!

    Adoption fees:
  • One cat / kitten £110
  • Two cats / kittens £200
  • Three cats / kittens £300

  • This includes:

  • Neuter (or voucher for Neuter at our vets if kitten is too young to be neutered)
  • Microchip
  • Flea treatment
  • Worm treatment
  • It does not include vaccinations as local vets do some really good deals and Health Club packages which make it a lot more cost effective for the new owner to choose a vaccination plan that suits them practically and financially.

    Vaccinations are:

  • Initial 2 injections at 3 weeks apart if they are not yet vaccinated
  • Followed up with once a year

    Wherever possible our kitties are in people's own homes. Our team of foster carer's get to know the kitties so we can find the best possible family match for them.

    A lot of our foster families are in the Sherwood area but there are a few in other areas too. We also have a central Kitty Kabin in the garden of a foster carer and when we need the extra space or if a cat needs time to get used to hoomans, they may be resident in the Kitty Kabin.

    We partner with local vets to provide first aid, worming, flea treatments, neutering and microchipping for our kitties. Sometimes we need to raise funds for major operations or long term care for cats who may have kidney failure, thyroid issues or diabetes.


    We are happy to accept donations of kitty food or money to help with the vet bills.

    Kitty food drop off points:

  • The V Spot - 515 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, NG5 2JL (near Haydn Road junction)
  • Contact us for foster homes where you may be able to drop off donations.

    Whether you're a first-time kitty parent or an experienced one, we offer advice &support on kitty matching and kitty care. This can include guidance on food, toileting, behaviours and anything which will maximise your kitty's happiness.

    If you're concerned about injured, stray or lost cats in your area, we can also provide helpful tips on how to handle the situation.

    Contact Us

    Thanks for your interest in Robin Hood Cats Rescue. Just so you are aware we are a voluntary lead organization with no paid staff. We will aim to get in touch with you as soon we can but please be aware that we are all volunteers and often very busy!