Luna IS The Cat from Outer Space, away in her own little world. She doesn’t meow, and likes nothing more than watching the sky, presumably for the mother ship, which she’s done for her entire 2 years.

Luna is in foster at MG6 and can be visited any time

She likes to drink from running water, like a tap, so would appreciate a proper drinking fountain.

Luna will keep you safe from spiders, flies and any other creepy crawly being an excellent house hunter. She’s one of those rare kitties who, once she trusts you, enjoys being cradled like a baby and carried around.

One of her interplanetary duties is to kill the enemy of her people, which happens to be toilet rolls, because as everyone knows, they are evil, so she’s doing you a favour by occasionally destroying them, though she’s easily distracted with alternate enemies, like laser pointers.

Luna is a powerful cosmic being, except when it comes to treats. They are her Kryponite. One crinkle of the packet and she teleports, appearing as if by magic.

Luna is a sweet, soft, cuddly angel, has been tested with dogs and children and would make a wonderful addition to any family

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