Gypsy and Jinx

Bonded Pair

Can you give a home to this lovely couple, Gypsy and Jinx, curretly being fostered in NG8?

Their very loving owner is being threatened with eviction because of these two 5 year old floofs and has been forced to surrender them.

They have never been apart in all their five years, and have been loving companions to their owner, her “beautiful babies” They’rethe purrfect couple,calm, loving, confident and affectionate, so you can see why it’s such a heartbreaking situation.

Gypsy has a little white flash on her neck, she is a very confident and an intrepid little explorer. Her curiosity knows no bounds! Her favourite activities include: playing with the clothes you’re hanging up, knocking things off counters and her daily (very vocal) zoomies.

Gypsy is ridiculously loving and will happily sit on your laptop and paperwork to make sure you give her your whole attention Once she gets a fuss she’ll happily chirp away at you. Her signature meow in the morning sounds like ‘hel-lo’, with big, bold purrs.

Jinx is a very gentle little soul. Super zen and laid back with a voracious appetite - seriously, the girl will try to eat anything. Often referred to as ‘m’lem’ from the sound of her meows, she likes to squeeze between any pillows and snooze the day away.

She is quite timid though, and it may take a while for her to warm up to you, but when she does, you’ll be followed around by the little shadow. She will most likely be hiding for a while, or else attached to Gypsy,but a little love and patience will be richly rewarded.

They do like a (playful) scrap, and chase each other all over the place,but it’s nothing to worry about, just bonding behaviour. Jinx has soft, gentle, soothing purrs.

This settled married couple will make a spectacular addition to any family, so please fill in the Contact form below if you’d like to come and meet them.

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