Available for adoption

Comet was born Jan 12th 2022 and had a bit of a rough start in life, suffering stress and anxiety that caused health issues. Now foatered in NG12, he’s a different, happy kitty.

However, as soon as he was away from the stress and in foster, he blossomed into a confident, affectionate, relaxed kitty who even enjoys play now!

Even though he’s still young, born Jan 2022, he acts more like an older kitty. He will play, and he loves affection, headbutts and being fussed on a lap, but he also enjoys his quiet time, where he can curl up in a comfy ball and feel safe.

He shows no aggression at all with other cats, he’s been tested with dogs but wouldn’t cope with a young or overly energetic puppy. He’d suit a home with older children and he’d love a garden to be able to explore as he’s spent most of his life shut indoors.

As Comet has suffered a small amount of traumatic stress, he’ll need a home where he can have a relaxed environment so he can express his love and affection, of which he has an awful lot to give, on his own terms.

Comet will make a wonderful companion and turn a house into a home. Can you provide this kitty with the love he deserves?

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