Say hello to Magdalene Moon (Maggie for short) fostered in NG6. She is a two and a half year old (as of November 2023) tuxedo cat who is a sassy little madam.

She’s what we call in the rescue world, a character. She can be a bit argumentative and bossy with her sibling Luna, but is very loving and protective too. She loves cuddles, but only if SHE wants them, and then she can be very insistent and treats you like you’re her best friend in the world, especially if you have treats!

Even though she likes her own space, she wants to know you’re there and will often pad along looking for humans. Her favourite toy is a mouse that she carries around like a baby and will proudly dump in your tea, so beware!

She fights off all pigeons that come near your window, being very protective; she will steal your blankets and will fight you for them so have a spare handy. She’s very intelligent and recognises her full name, so if she’s being naughty, as you would with a smal child, just say her full name, Magdalene Moon, and she’ll know she has to listen to her parent!

Maggie had been tested with dogs and older children but wouldn’t suit a household with under 5s.

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