Ruby's Kittens

Available Mid January

Born 23rd October 2023 let us introduce you to Chinnie(reserved), Yorkie, Skelly (reserved), Rolo (adopted) and Tippy.

Born to Ruby, an absolutely fantastic mother and currently fostered at NG10, they are all healthy, happy, perfect little balls of floofy love.

They all share the same sweet nature, playfulness and affection diven lunacy inherent in kitten kind down the ages.

Chinnie is a dreamie himbo, easily distracted and likes nothing more after a play session than to fall asleep in your arms,

Yorkie is a whole heap of fun, very affectionate and a little needy, loves belly rubs and sleeping on your lap.

Skelly is a very boistrous girl who is happy to throw herself into play with such gusto that she’ll go tip over tail. Another cuddlebug who’ll sleep in your arms

Rolo is a sweet girl, and having 3 brothers, she’s no slouch, being the first into the scrum and holding her own with no problems at all. Even though she’s the most adventurous, she also loves a cuddle and the confort of human contact

These are perfect bunch of happy kittens who would make a welcome addition to any family.

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